Why Is It Hard to Say Goodbye to Old Makeup?

Why Is It Hard to Say Goodbye to Old Makeup?

Why is it so hard to s​​ay goodbye to old makeup? I’ve been thinking about this lately, in large part because all of the momentum I had while I was decluttering my stash last spring has ground to a halt. The Marie Kondo train I was happily riding — toot, toot! — has been going nowhere for months.

I’ve been stuck. Big time.

One thing that hasn’t helped was that I had to bring all of the products that were out in boxes in the garage back into my house, and UGH — it’s a long, dumb story concerning homeowner’s association parking rules, but the point is, I had to do it, and now everything’s stashed in a corner of my dining room.

Totes upon totes upon totes, but hey, at least I had the good sense to not bring it back into my office! 👍

I’m looking at the totes in the corner now and wondering why I haven’t touched them in months.

I think one reason is because I assumed that decluttering makeup would be on the same level as cleaning out my closet and saying goodbye to my pre-baby wardrobe, which was hard, but not impossible.

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