What’s the Most Time-Consuming Part of Your Beauty Routine?

What’s the Most Time-Consuming Part of Your Beauty Routine?

Once upon a time, it was makeup! 🤪 But these days, my hair takes up the biggest chunk of time in my beauty/getting-ready routine.

There are just A LOT of steps involved. It drives me nuts! The most involved part is the washing and conditioning, because I work out pretty much every day now, so my scalp gets super sweaty and oily and requires…attention. Plus, on top of that, I have pretty bad seasonal allergies, so when I go outside, my hair absorbs pollen, dust, ash from local wildfires, or whatever other allergens are floating around outside on any given day. I absolutely have to wash my hair before I go to bed; otherwise, I hit the hay with hella allergens all up in my business, which consequently get all over my pillow and the bedding, and bothers me all night long.

Funny thing is…I don’t spend nearly as much time styling my hair as I spend cleaning it. It only takes me about five minutes to do a semi-decent hairstyle with a large-barrel curling iron, or to do a messy braid or bun. In fact, it takes way less time to get my hair ready to go “out into the world” than it did when I was in my 20s and 30s because I’ve long since embraced my natural waves and no longer go to battle with them (go figure).

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