What’s Currently on Your Beauty Wish List?

What’s Currently on Your Beauty Wish List?

Spill the beans! Let me hear it! Tell what I wanna know! So…what, pray tell, is currently on your beauty wish list?

Girl, what isn’t on my beauty wish list is more like it!

I’ve been deep-diving into the skin care world, scanning the interwebs for solutions to hyperpigmentation and melasma, and I owe my discover of these first items to Dr. Alexis Stephens on YouTube. She has a video on hyperpigmentation for darker skin tones where she basically “sciences the sh*t” 😂 out of the ingredients one should be looking for in their quest to even out their skin tone.

Today, I’m deeply enamored with the idea of tranexemic acid products and would like to add one to the mix, so I’m wish-listing (yes, I just made that up) three options.

Option one is affordable and accessible. It’s the $14.99 INKEY list Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment at Sephora. I like that it doesn’t break the bank, and I also like that it’s available at Sephora, so I wouldn’t have to drive 250 miles to find it.

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Option two is pricier at $88 (oh, my!).

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