Trying New Things: Winged Liner for Lifted Lids

Trying New Things: Winged Liner for Lifted Lids

Pop quiz, hot shot:

The pic below is the face one makes when trying…

  • A. To get through 2020 with one’s sanity relatively intact
  • B. A new winged liner placement
  • C. All of the above
  • Inspired by Hindash

    Last weekend I watched a winged liner video by Hindash, one of my favorite makeup artists, on how to lift the lids with liner, so I thought, what the heck, why not take my own advice for once (!) and try something other than the small kitten flick I’ve been wearing for the past few months.

    I followed Hindash’s advice on the placement, then ended up customizing the liner by drawing my wings with pencil liner and liquid liner. I also skipped false lashes and did a quick wash with a few MAC shadow staples on my lids for a little depth (Saddle on my lids, Wedge and Omega mixed together in the crease and a soft veil of Vapor on the brow bones and inner corner).

    What’s the most challenging aspect of doing makeup in a way you wouldn’t normally do?

    For me it’s doing placements I’m not used to.

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