Try This Hack for Bold, Bushy, Bangin’ Brows

Try This Hack for Bold, Bushy, Bangin’ Brows

Do you ever feel like your brows are out to get you? Like they have an agenda? Like they have ulterior motives?

I do. 😂 Sometimes they absolutely refuse all orders, totally ignoring my requests, whether I come at them with a brow gel and/or an eyebrow brush.

Do you want fuller, (somewhat) natural-looking brows, but don’t want to have to spend an hour on it and use a ton of product?

If you answered “yes,” then this brow hack is for you! 😁

I just started doing this and have gotten some good feedback on my brows lately, so of course I have to share this hack with you, because I’m guessing you’re probably as obsessed with brows as I am. 🙂

First, you’ll need a clear brow gel, your favorite brow filler (pen, pencil, powder, whatevs) and — drumroll please — YOUR FINGERS!

Yes, fingers are the key to this party. ✌️ 🥳

Start by applying the clear brow gel to your naked brows. There are so many good brow gels out there, BTW (see: Benefit, NUDESTIX, Anastasia), but I’m using the one by MAC now because I like the hold.

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