This or That: The Eyeliner Edition, Part II

This or That: The Eyeliner Edition, Part II

How to play

Pick one or the other for each of the questions below, and copy/paste your answers in the comments. Can’t wait to see your picks! Mine are listed below. 💋

This or That: The Eyeliner Edition, Part II

  • Smudgy or crisp edge?
  • Edgy graphic eyeliner: yes or no?
  • Soft or stiff pencil liner?
  • Cake liner or cream liner?
  • Matte or metallic?
  • Eyeliner stickers or an eyeliner stamp?
  • Oversized or skinny pencil tip?
  • Liquid liner: wand or pen?
  • Pen tips: short and stiff, or long and flexible?
  • Pencil or a twist up?
  • What happens to you more: liner smudging along your lower lash line, or liner that transfers into your crease?
  • Spend or splurge on your liner?

Smudgy or crisp edge?

I like both equally (smudgy because it’s forgiving and so much easier to do when I’m in a hurry, and crisp because it looks more pulled together), but today I’ll go with a crisp edge.

To be blunt, I’m working my way through a winged liner phase, and sharp, crisp edges have been doing a lot for my makeup soul.

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