This or That: The Blush Edition

This or That: The Blush Edition

How to play

Pick one or the other for each of the questions below, and copy/paste your answers in the comments. Can’t wait to see your picks! Mine are listed below. 💋

This or That: The Blush Edition

  • Cream or powder?
  • Liquid or gel?
  • Sheer or pigmented?
  • Pink or peach?
  • Berry or brown?
  • Loose or pressed?
  • Nude blush or bright blush?
  • Matte or shimmer?
  • Which one would you rather layer with your blush — bronzer or highlighter?
  • NARS Orgasm blush — “all that” or overrated?

Cream or powder?

UGH. Don’t make me choose! My gut is saying cream…but I adore powder blushes to bits.

Liquid or gel?

This one’s easy — gel. The gel blush by Chantecaille, by the way, is all that and a bag of chips!

Sheer or pigmented?

Hmm… Sheer, because it’s always easier to add color than take it away.

Pink or peach?


Berry or brown?


Loose or pressed?

Pressed, please.

Nude blush or bright blush?

This one is surprisingly difficult for me.

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