Tell Me About Your Current Beauty Loves…

Tell Me About Your Current Beauty Loves…

Inquiring minds want to know! What shampoo, zit medicine, exfoliating face scrub, mask, liquid liner or eyeshadow has been making you swoon? Hair, makeup, skin care, perfume, you name it — please share. I want to hear the deets.

I’m always curious about the things my beauty buddies adore and recommend, so please don’t hoard this critical information! Share it with me! I want to know everything you’ve been into lately and why you love it.

Truth bomb — I’m partly motivated to ask this because I’ve got a Nordstrom birthday gift card burning a hole in my Kate Spade purse. 😁

Here are some of my beauty loves as of late, and if it feels like I talk about these things nonstop here…it’s almost certainly because I do, ha! (Sorry, not sorry.)

Things have changed a bit as I’ve scaled down my beauty collection over the past few months. Like, I’ve discovered that I’m straight-up happier with a smaller number of products I absolutely adore than I am with a larger collection of items I hardly ever wear. This has also changed the focus of my coverage here on MBB, for sure, so before I get into the lurvable products themselves, I just want to say thank you for sticking around.

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