Springy, Joyful Taupe and Plum

Springy, Joyful Taupe and Plum

Today’s minor victory? It has been two full weeks since my second shot, so I’m officially fully vaccinated! To celebrate, I ironed my shirt.

HA HA HA! No, seriously, one cannot embark upon “the after” as a wrinkly mess. I also put on some makeup, since wearing face paint with a crisp celebratory white shirt seemed like the right thing to do. 😊

I did a 15-minute quickie look with taupe lids and plum cheeks using mostly new-to-me makeup from Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani, Chanel and Clinique, because I’ve been trying to expand my horizons a little with some new products.

First impressions…

Giorgio Armani Lip Power in Confident: This creamy plum lipstick’s cup runneth over with pigment. It’s creamy, lightweight and doesn’t have an obnoxious flavor or scent. I especially like using it as a lip stain.

Chanel Ombre Premier Lacque in Desert Wind: This shimmery liquid shadow dries quickly, so you have to blend with speed and purpose. No time to dilly-dally! It’s also long lasting and quite shimmery.

Clinique Pretty Easy Liner in Brown: I’ve used the black version of this liquid liner for years, and the brown is just as easy to apply.

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