Some Makeup Inspiration

Some Makeup Inspiration

Earlier this week, I sat down to put on makeup and…after an awkwardly long pause and “Hmm…” realized I’m majorly lacking in inspiration. The proverbial makeup “well” hath runneth bone dry.


My creativity needs a boost, so I found a stack of Allure mags and bookmarked a few looks, starting with the one in this Estée Lauder lipstick ad.

I’m getting a very ’80s vibe, and it’s working for me! The bold, glossy red statement lip; massive shoulder pads; the big jewelry. Sign me up!

I like:

  • The sheen on her inner lids
  • The strong liner on her upper lash line and the outer half of her lower lash line
  • Her Brooke Shields brows!

I also love the lack of heavy-handed bronzer and “highlights from space.”

Also, you might also notice that the model’s eye makeup isn’t perfectly symmetrical, and it’s interesting and refreshing to me that she isn’t Photoshopped into a completely symmetrical version of herself, since ultra-symmetrical eye makeup has dominated social media for so long. It’s cool, and I hope to see this more often.

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