Saturday Surfing, Sep. 12, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Sep. 12, 2020

Hi, friend, happy Caturday. Short and sweet “hello” this morning because I promised this tiny dancer we would paint our nails ASAP! πŸ’…

I’m thinking of wearing fall colors to coax some rainy vibes to my neck of the woods to aid the firefighting efforts.

It’s been a couple months since I painted my nails… I know, who am I? 2020 has certainly thrown my usual beauty habits for a loop.

On that note, your reading for the week…

  • Every single reference in this new Friends-inspired makeup collection is going completely over my head because I actually never watched the series (I know!). One of these days I will.
  • Sally Hansen’s got a sweet tooth! Their newest nail polish collection is inspired by Sour Patch Kids, YUM!
  • Life hacks learned during quarantine! (Is it weird that I’m kinda excited to try the trick with the clean towel in the dryer?)
  • Just in case you were searching for a $1000 luxury face shield by Louis Vuitton…
  • Do you see of your favorite scents on this list of the Fragrance Foundation 2020 Award Winners?

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