Saturday Surfing, Oct. 10, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Oct. 10, 2020

Hiya, beautiful! Ah, deep breath in… Deep breath out… We made it to the weekend! (And I’m assuming you’re still in one piece?! I really hope so.)

I’m in the mood for coffee and a chocolate croissant this morning because I just finished binge watching this show on Netflix…

It’s from Darren Star, the guy who also did Sex and the City, and if you and your brain desperately need to be transported to a light and fluffy, frothy universe for a few hours…it’s the way to go. It’s about an American girl who works in marketing and moves to Paris — without knowing a lick of French, SAY WHAT?! — for a new job. It’s a little soapy, a little corny, and not remotely close to realistic at all, but it’s lots of fun! I warn you…by the end of the season, you may find yourself craving a baguette, a hunk of cheese and a glass of bubbly. 🥂

If I get any alone time by myself this weekend, I just might rewatch a few episodes.

Anywho, grab your breakfast wine coffee or tea, and settle down for a bit with this week’s reading…

  • Thick black eyeliner and matte smokey eyes are ’90s eye makeup trends that are supposed to be major next year.

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