Saturday Surfing, May 8, 2021!

Saturday Surfing, May 8, 2021!

Hello, my friend! Welcome to the weekend. Whatever you’re up to, I hope you’re wearing your sunscreen.

I’ll be wearing it while do my “Cinderella chores.” 🙂

This week’s reading

  • I’ve been researching UV blocking shirts this week…and here are five things that affect how well your clothes block UV rays.
  • Speaking of sun protection, these skincare experts say that these are the 15 best sunscreens of 2021.
  • ’90s-style brown makeup is having a moment (side note: YESSSS!).
  • Waterproof brow products to keep your arches high all day
  • Feeling like doing a little organizing? Here are some makeup storage ideas!
  • I wonder if doves are crying (tears of joy, obviously) over this Urban Decay collaboration with Prince.
  • Pretty spring makeup from Byredo… WANT.
  • Speaking of Byredo, I would love to try this scent.
  • Teens are worried about wrinkles, say what?!

Big hair, smokey eyes… I’m here for it.

Something I’m working on!

I love him.

Chemical versus mineral sunscreen

TBH, I’d wear this daily.

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