Saturday Surfing, May 15, 2021

Saturday Surfing, May 15, 2021

Hiya, happy Caturday from me and my freshly painted paws. πŸ’… Turns out that Olive & June Nail Polish in KMC is more of a mint green than a jade green, but I’m not mad at it, because I did this mani without wearing my glasses, so I was as blind as a bat (living on the edge!), and it still turned out OK. Good on you, Olive & June!

You can see the polish again in this pic, along with what will forever be known as “the baguette that crushed my cool French girl dreams…”

Case in point:

Yesterday I went to a local Sonoma spot called Baker & Cook and ordered a baguette, a lemon bar and a banana muffin. This loaf was in my possession for three whole minutes before I greedily gobbled down the exposed end.


And so, so fresh… I couldn’t help myself.

It was then that I realized I would never be a chic French gal riding around on a bike with a baguette tucked neatly under her arm, because I would eat the bread before even getting on the damn bike, ha ha ha.

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