Saturday Surfing, June 26, 2021! ๐ŸŒบ

Saturday Surfing, June 26, 2021! ๐ŸŒบ

Well, hi there, sweet cat ladies and dog ladies and bunny ladies and horse ladies and parrot ladies, and all my ladies!

If you saw a plane over your head somewhere around the San Francisco Bay Area early yesterday morning, FYI, that might’ve been me waving to you from the sky above. The fam-bam and I got out of dodge — REALLY OUT OF DODGE. We had an opportunity to take a last-minute trip to visit our family on Oahu (El Hub’s parents, who we haven’t seen in two years), so this Saturday Surfing is coming to you from the other side of the Pacific.

If you’re a new friend here, hi! My husband is from Hawaii (Oahu), and back in ye olden times before the pandemic, we’d go back to visit that side of the family once or twice a year, but the past year changed that, of course, so it’s been a long time. El Hub is going to be doing some work from here remotely, but he gets to do it from home with the family.

This particular water baby is looking forward to getting sand between her toes and dipping said toes into a warm blue ocean later this morning.

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