Saturday Surfing, June 12, 2021!

Saturday Surfing, June 12, 2021!

I can’t believe I’m saying this (happy Saturday, by the way), but I don’t remember the last time I wore bright blue mascara. As a beauty lover, this is one of those details that I can usually recall with obnoxious clarity, but as you know…it’s been cray! I’m hoping, though, that this gloriously blue ColourPop Mascara will guide me to a similar (or perhaps even a better) place where I’m excited about wearing makeup again.

As they say, baby steps. Would you believe that last Thursday I actually left the house with filled in brows, cat eye liner *and* waterproof mascara? I know! The tinted sunscreen I’ve been wearing finally had some makeup friends to play with, LOL!

What do you have planned today? I’m gonna take it pretty easy on this end. I’m replanting the tomato plants, basil and the hot pink hibiscus I got last weekend, and oh! — my brother got me an air fryer for my birthday, so I’m going to experiment with it today. The one I have is by Innsky and it’s huge! It’s one my brother has and loves, so even though right now I can’t really tell if I’m using correctly, I’m hoping to become one of those people who says, “I LOOOOOVE MY AIR FRYER.”

Last night I made broccoli and salmon in it, and they weren’t terrible, so I’m looking forward to seeing what magic I can do…

Side note: it has a cake setting, which I’m both weirded out by and fascinated by.

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