Saturday Surfing, July 31, 2021!

Saturday Surfing, July 31, 2021!

Well, hello there, beautiful! 🤗 Happy Caturday to ya. It’s a bit overcast and cool here in North Marin County (for now), which is good news because the fam-bam and I are headed going blueberry picking!

It’s this place called Duckworth Farms up in Sebastapol. We did it last year and had so much fun. I’ve been looking forward to going back all year long.

My favorite blueberries are the really big ones!

If you happen to have a good blueberry anything recipe, please share it.

Also, on a somewhat related note…I’m trying to decide what to wear today from the crop of Laura Mercier lipsticks up above. The bright hot coral-pink at the bottom is seriously tempting me!

This week’s reading…

  • I would love to see more 99-year-old ladies in beauty campaigns!
  • Makeup artists in Hollywood love these lipsticks.
  • Just in case you or someone you know wants a perfume with notes of…gasoline.
  • Why, yes, Helen Mirren, I’d love to hear your advice on having swagger.
  • I’ve just added this fuchsia lipstick to my wish list.
  • When it comes to genetics, humans and cats have more in common than one might think.

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