Saturday Surfing, February 20, 2021

Saturday Surfing, February 20, 2021

Good morning and happy Caturday, fellow feline-and-fabulosity aficionado! πŸ˜ΊπŸ’…πŸ€— Guess which lucky lady got treated to this delightful tray of breakfast treats this morning?! Chef Coco prepared this spread for me, and I gotta say…my family knows me pretty well because I love to start my Saturdays with a croissant.

How much do you wanna bet there’s a real cafΓ© somewhere on this planet that serves French fries and bow-tie pasta for breakfast? I bet.

  • —–This week is MBB’s 14th anniversary. HOLY WOW! Yup, I started blogging in February of 2007. For a quick statistical analysis, that’s 14,064 blog posts and more than 3,516,000 words, NOT INCLUDING our comments, and here’s the very first thing I ever posted.
  • Makeup looks inspired by book covers is VERY COOL!
  • Yes please — 8 expert secrets for smoother, shinier hair.
  • OK, I don’t know how accurate this guide to buying niche fragrances based on the perfume you wore as a teen is (LOL!), but I quite enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the shout-outs to CK One, Clinique Happy and Gucci Envy.
  • You could buy this fancy fragrance with ginger notes to banish the kitchen smells in your home.

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