Saturday Surfing, Dec. 5, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Dec. 5, 2020

Hello and happy Caturday! Rosie sends her regards (along with a healthy dose of torbie-tude.) I am SO EXCITED to drink coffee today because I’ve recently discovered the joy of half-and-half. Seriously, what cave have I been living in? — because half-and-half is where it’s at!

I used to be a whole-milk-in-my-coffee girl, but lately I haven’t been liking how the milk takes over, so I can’t taste the coffee in the background. With half-and-half, I can still get the coffee flavor along with the cream. I’ve been doing a splash in my coffee in the morning (about two tablespoons), and my life is forever changed.

While I dive into this cup (SO GOOD), go ahead and grab your morning beverage o’ choice, because it’s time for this week’s reading.

  • If you were looking for a few new words to use this weekend, here are some good ones to try: vamoose, crapulous and canoodle.
  • There is a burgeoning field of research in the reconstruction and preservation of scent. Scientists, historians and cultural heritage specialists are working together to catalogue the smells of our times — particularly those that may disappear in a few decades.

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