Saturday Surfing, Dec. 26, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Dec. 26, 2020

Good morning and happy Boxing Day! Please say hello to our newest boarder, Grogu, otherwise known as “The Kid,” otherwise know as Baby Yoda.

(Side note: both El Hub and Connor are obsessed with The Mandalorian, and they’ve re-watched the season 2 finale too many times to count.)

Grogu was chillin’ in front of the tree yesterday, and his eyes told me that he desperately needed a fuzzy pastel headband and bracelets!

Rosie has already started showing him the ropes around here, although I don’t think it’s out of the goodness of her kitty heart. I’m pretty sure she believes Grogu is now her personal assistant… You know cats.

Onto today’s reading…

  • Liquid, cream and powder blushes makeup artists swear by
  • All about Peter Philips, a.k.a. the former creative director for Chanel and the current creative and image director of Christian Dior makeup
  • This 10-year-old entrepreneur launched her own nail line for kids.
  • Hmm… Does perfume expire?
  • How lipstick 💄 is going to be different in 2021…

This was so moving!

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