Saturday Surfing, Dec. 19, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Dec. 19, 2020

Well, this is probably the best makeup I’ve worn in weeks.

Possibly months.

This is what the first day of Christmas break looked like ’round these parts. First, Coycoy did my lewk, and when I asked her to break down the essentials she said, “It’s bold. It’s fashion. It’s a mustache.” 😂

Then she did her own FOTD.

Seriously, how did this child figure out that unblended, over-drawn, ’90s style lip on her own?! LOL! I will never know.

On that note, this week’s reading!

  • Because swatching is on lockdown, many beauty lovers have been relying on selfie technology to virtually “try before you buy.”
  • Speaking of selfies…Google launched a new AR (augmented reality) feature on Search so holiday shoppers can “try on” lipsticks and eyeshadow from home.
  • My makeup spirit animal, Sir John, put his signature makeup spin on a bunch of Barbie dolls, and the results are all sorts of fabulous.
  • The ancient town of Kannauj is the perfume capital of India.
  • In case you were looking for a new nail polish line to try…
  • There’s also this one (hint: it involves one of the members of the Backstreet Boys)!

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