Saturday Surfing, August 21, 2021!

Saturday Surfing, August 21, 2021!

Hi, friend. I’m in the throes of a much-needed self-care Saturday! I’ve had A WEEK — bold, all-caps. The lead up to the first day of kindergarten was busy with last-minute tasks like buying new shoes and white socks, wrapping up summer swimming lessons and labeling practically everything under the sun, and on top of all that, I’ve been feeling and processing so many intense emotions. I desperately need to just slow down and take care of my body and mind for a little bit.

I started the weekend with a much-needed haircut! I haven’t had one since last February, and my mane had gotten to the point where it felt heavy and was giving me headaches again, so I went back to the gal who cut my hair last time around, Ariana, and hoped for some more mane magic.

Ariana is absolutely lovely and talented at her craft, so if you ever find yourself in Marin County and want somebody friendly who knows hair, go see her!

I told her I was going for big ’90s-style Cindy Crawford supermodel hair with a Disney villain spin, and she and her razor worked their magic into this voluminous cut with lots of layers.

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