Saturday Surfing, Aug. 7, 2021!

Saturday Surfing, Aug. 7, 2021!

Hello there and good morning to ya, beautiful girl! I hope thou feelest calm and centered on this lovely Saturday. If you’ve got grand designs on wearing a little makeup this weekend (perhaps a lipstick or some gloss?), hurray! Good makeup tidings to you! I’ll be trying a few new lipsticks from Urban Decay this weekend, so I’ve got high hopes for those. I’ll let you know how it goes. UD recently redid their formula and packaging… What do you think of the square tubes?

This week’s reading

  • “Perfume can be that helpful friend who handles the chitchat when an introvert finds herself shy in a crowded room.”
  • Rihanna’s new perfume has notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine and blueberry, with hints of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium and patchouli.
  • Have you ever found yourself wondering what, exactly, is a vampire facial?
  • Here’s exactly when to apply a serum when you’re doing your skincare routine.
  • Get to know the mother-daughter duo behind Okiki Skin Care.
  • Just in case you were thinking about replacing the silk pillowcase your cat destroyed with her overenthusiastic biscuit making in the middle of the night…
  • A few tips to help your nail polish dry faster…
  • Cats love agility training.

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