Saturday Surfing, Aug. 29, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Aug. 29, 2020

Technically, yes, this is a makeup blog. It’s right there in the name. But I wantonly and routinely ignore that to post whatever I feel like. This, I have done since 2007. 😁

That said, there is a valid beauty-related reason why you’re looking at my newly acquired pair of 20-pound dumbbells, a.k.a. “my precious,” right now.

I’d been online shopping for dumbbells for a couple months, but for completely understandable reasons they’ve been hard to find in stock, so when I spotted them on the Target website about a week ago, I pounced! Now they’re my favorite thing in the whole wide world, and since exercise makes you sweat, a.k.a. “glisten,” and that glow can also be characterized as a dewy sheen, there’s your beauty angle. 😂

In a nutshell, lifting weights is tantamount to wearing highlighter.


Gosh, I really miss that HIIT class I was going to before the pandemic started… It was always so much fun! I miss the energy, my friends, and I miss all the good equipment they had at the gym. I miss being able to just grab a 35-pound dumbbell without a second thought.

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