Saturday Surfing, Aug. 22, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Aug. 22, 2020

Welcome to the weekend, yay! 😺 I hope your caturday got off to a good start. Mine has been adequately relaxing so far. 😊

Can we start by talking a little bit about makeup? Pretty please? — because I’ve been thinking about a comment Heather left on a post the other day about viewing makeup as an all-or-nothing thing…

What she said about being all-or-nothing when it comes to makeup *really* resonates with me! I’ve totally felt this way in the past. A few years ago, if I hadn’t been able to bang out an elaborate smokey eye containing fewer than five shades, I wouldn’t have even touched my brushes. I thought, why even go there unless you CAN GO ALL THE WAY THERE, ya know?

Oh, how the times have changed!

I’ve taken a more relaxed approach to makeup over the past few years, and ESPECIALLY since the pandemic started. I’ve gone days — in a couple cases, weeks! — without wearing any makeup at all.

Lately, though, I have been trying to motivate myself to wear a little more and go a little further with my makeup, because I really do feel better when I try a little, even if it’s just mascara and brow gel.

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