Q & A: Have You Ever Dated Anyone With a Perm?

Q & A: Have You Ever Dated Anyone With a Perm?

I feel like if we were in the thick of ’80s, the chances of most of us answering “yes” to this question would be extremely high! HAHAHAHA!

By the time I was of dating age, most dudes I knew didn’t have perms (mullets are another story, though), so no, I’ve never dated anyone with a perm.

Hmm… Well, now that I think about it, I can’t say that with 100% certainty because I did go out on a date with a dude with ramen noodle-esque curly hair that looked like Justin Timberlake during the N’Sync era! His hair was coated in very hard-looking gel, and the curls were shiny and ultra sculpted. His entire mane was one solid unit; not one lick of it moved. I spent the entire date wondering if his hair was naturally curly or if it was permed.

Anyway, now I’m thinking about how El Hub with a perm, and it’s cracking me up! Knowing him, though, he’d still find a way to pull it off. LOL!

So how about you? Have you ever dated anyone with a perm? AND, OH MY GOSH…I cannot wait to find out if anyone actually answers “yes” to this!

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