Practical Things I Like: Caraa Non-Medical Masks

Practical Things I Like: Caraa Non-Medical Masks

These masks by Caraa (a New York travel bag company) are THE BEST masks I’ve tried since March, and I’m not just saying that because the colors are conducive to matching with eyeshadow and eyeliner, hahaha!

I got these after a recommendation from a friend who, using “The Patented Mom Scientific Method” (LOL), ordered several masks from a ton of different brands and had her kids be guinea pigs try them out. Based on all of the masks they tested — and there were a lot of them, apparently! — the Caraas won. The kids *and* adults loved them particularly because of how comfy they are.

After wearing them for a couple weeks, I completely agree. These are fabulous! The best masks I’ve found…which is a sentence I’ll filing away in my “Sentences One Does Not Expect to Write, Ever” and “Things One Says During a Pandemic” folders.

Customizable to fit your face

The secret sauce is how adjustable they are!

Each mask has a lightweight, bendable wire tucked into the top seam that rests on the bridge of your nose, and it holds the masks firmly in place so they aren’t constantly slipping down your face.

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