Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 665

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 665

So…what is the Monday Poll?

Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of five more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007). I love reading your answers, and it helps me get my week off to a good start. 🌻

    1. High-rise, mid-rise or low-rise pants?

    High-rise always and forever, mid-rise if I’m desperate, low-rise…NEVER. I rue the day low-rise pants came into my life, hahaha!

    2. A drugstore skin care item you swear by?

    CeraVe Healing Ointment is the stuff!

    3. Would you rather have expensive hair care products or expensive skincare products?

    While I would love both, right now I’ll go with expensive skincare please. 😁

    4. (Fill in the blank) is the key.

    Communication is the key (because nobody can read your mind, obvs). Sleep is the key. Having comfortable underwear is the key. Coffee is the key. Patience is the key… Seriously, we could be here all day… There are so many key things!

    5. Something you’d like to eat today?

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