How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Beauty Shopping Habits?

How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Beauty Shopping Habits?

Obvs, most people aren’t going to department stores to swatch things on their arms or the backs of their hands anymore!

Do you find that you’re spending more or less on makeup now than you were before March?

I’m still buying and wearing makeup, but I’m purchasing and wearing more drugstore products for sure — hair, body and makeup. I still have the itch to try new things, but it’s less of an itch to drop $$$ on high-end stuff by mail order, you know? So I’m spending less.

As stressful as it can be to go to Thunderdome Target sometimes, depending on how aggressive and dismissive some shoppers have been with masks and social distancing when I’ve been there, at least I know I can pop into Target to get something or process a quick return if need be (they even have a separate, usually shorter, line for returns).

I’ve also tried perfumes without smelling them…which I never would’ve thought to do before (I’m looking at you, Demeter Kitten Fur!).

How about you? How has the pandemic changed your beauty shopping habits?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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