Happy Friday, and a MAC Billion Dollar Smile

Happy Friday, and a MAC Billion Dollar Smile

Hey, guys! Happy Friday to ya. I’m happy to report that this week’s makeup and hair uniform experiment was a success. I was afraid I would get antsy to try something different halfway through the week, but it was quite the opposite; knowing I already had a basic template to work from was, in a way, strangely freeing.

I especially looked forward to picking a lip color, and the one I wore yesterday is one of my favorites from MAC called Billion Dollar Smile.

Another thing I noticed was that as the week progressed, the liner got progressively bigger. I started off the week with the tiniest wisp of kitten liner and ended the week with a thick flick! LOL.

I’m planning next week’s “uniform” and am contemplating doing something like this crown braid.

And maybe perhaps pairing it with monochromatic makeup on eyes/cheeks/lips? I’m thinking fall tones, like warm orangey browns and whatnot. What do you think?

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