Get Glowing With 5 Products From Honest Beauty

Get Glowing With 5 Products From Honest Beauty

You’d think logic would dictate that a makeup look with a minimal base would equal minimal products on your face, but if you love beauty products as much I do, you know that’s not always the case.

It’s a little something I like to call “the project junkie’s curse” — when you willingly and happily slather on every lotion and potion in the pursuit of an allegedly minimal look.

The curse hit me hard this morning. I was getting ready to meet my friend Judy for coffee and only had 10 minutes before I had to get out door, and, so, of course, I applied all the skin care products. Then, I applied some more and then even more after that. I know you feel me! 😊

For glowing, healthy-looking skin, I used five hydrating products from cruelty-free brand Honest Beauty.

Oh, by the way, you might’ve noticed that some Honest Beauty products look a little different than they used to. The brand recently changed their packaging to make it more sustainable and recyclable, so if one of your favorites is on this list, and it looks different; that’s why!


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