FOTD: Low-Key Bronzed, Glowing Skin With Bright Pink Lips

FOTD: Low-Key Bronzed, Glowing Skin With Bright Pink Lips

Good morning and TGIF! Extra TGIF, right? πŸ˜€ So…you know your world has taken an unexpected turn when you choose to wear a wrinkled shirt and low-key bronzed J Lo.-inspired skin to go get your blood drawn at the hospital and it’s like you’re about to walk the red carpet at the Met Gala.

All is well, by the way. I just had my annual checkup to make sure everything’s working correctly, and it is (*knock on wood*).

So yeah, I was wearing this look under my mask when I went to the lab, and I felt happier and more outgoing than I have in ages. I cracked jokes with the lab tech who drew like 10 vials of blood from my arm (it was actually three, but who’s counting?), and I more than enthusiastically told everyone I ran into to “HAVE A GREAT REST OF YOUR DAY!”

There’s definitely something to be said for pushing yourself to do the things you know make you feel better, even when you aren’t really feeling it at first!

By the way, the blush/bronzer and eyeshadow are all from the same palette, a multi-use powder palette called the Pixi Summer Glow Palette.

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