FOTD Candy Colored Bright Blue With Urban Decay Chaos

FOTD Candy Colored Bright Blue With Urban Decay Chaos

Rosie-Pose would like to inform you that she is queen of everything within paw-striking distance, including board games.

That board game above is Candy Land, and, FYI, the artwork in the latest version is…slightly terrifying. (Or is it just me?)

Speaking of candy, the electric blue on my lower lash and waterlines totally reminds me of sweets from my youth. It’s Urban Decay Chaos 24/7 Shadow Stick in Chaos, a vibrant matte blue with a touch of pearl. The formula’s long-wearing and waterproof, and it sets really quickly. You have less than 30 seconds to blend it out, so blend with a purpose, girl!

I tried it by itself first, and it looked good, but then I got curious, so I added a layer of shimmery blue and purple from Born to Run, my favorite colorful UD eyeshadow palette of all time. I love the rich jewel tones, and every one of the bold, intense shades is still surprisingly wearable. The mattes and shimmers are easy to blend, too. Whenever I’m in the mood for brights, I reach for this palette, and I love it so much that I have a backup.

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