Easy, Elegant Fall Eye Makeup With Green Lids and Liner

Easy, Elegant Fall Eye Makeup With Green Lids and Liner

Is green eye makeup more of a fall or a spring look for you? ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

I think if you’ve got a dark green up in the mix, like a jewel-toned green or an emerald green, then yeah, whatever’s happening on your lids is totally a fall look, especially if you add a matte nude or matte brown lippie to the mix.

That’s what I did the other day. I wore this green lid-and-liner combo using a shimmery light medium green shadow on my lids and a dark green opalescent pencil liner (with a touch of a darker grayish green on the outer corner) to get groceries and pick up Coywolf from preschool, and I got the nicest compliments from her teachers.

I think the matte browns in the crease and the beige base help to keep the greens wearable for daytime because the neutrals ground the brighter lid and lash line.

Of course, this same placement would also work with other jewel-toned shades, and hmm… Now that I think about it, I may have to try sapphire liner and lids next!

For the eye makeup I used…

  • Beige matte shadow base: NARS Tinted Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base in Light
  • Beige shadow: MAC Mylar
  • Light warm matte brown shadow: MAC Soft Brown
  • Mid-toned warm matte brown shadow: MAC Saddle
  • Dark mate brown shadow: MAC Brun
  • Dark green pencil: Urban Decay Loaded
  • Light green eyeshadow: Urban Decay Mildew
  • Dark grayish green shadow: MAC Club
  • Bronze pencil: MAC Teddy
  • A few more quick winged tips, in case you decide to try this look!

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