Checking In: First Day of Kindergarten

Checking In: First Day of Kindergarten

Hi, friend. I’ve been a little quiet on this end lately, I know. I’ve been “in my feelings,” to quote Drake, especially yesterday, because my Coywolf started kindergarten.

Even though she’s been going to preschool for three years, it just really, really hit me yesterday that she’s on her way (Um, am I really going to cry again? I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t put any makeup on yet.) to becoming a full-grown person.

I didn’t expect the feelings to hit me as hard as they did. It’s a mix of joy and sadness…or rather, it’s bittersweet. Where does the time go?

We’d been prepping for the day for a couple weeks — doing run-throughs of putting on her new backpack, trying on her uniform, breaking in her new shoes and talking, in detail, about how things would be different from preschool. One thing I failed to prepare for, though, was how I’d handle it!

Honestly, I thought I was going to be fine. I thought I was just going to go up there and drop her off, and that it would be that. Everything would go smoothly. But no.

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