Check In With Your Makeup-Loving Friends…

Check In With Your Makeup-Loving Friends…

Check in with your makeup-loving friends, because, chances are they’re wearing very little makeup, or no makeup at all, LOL!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had a conversation over the past few months with a makeup-loving friend or a bonafide beauty buddy that included the phrase, “I really haven’t been wearing any makeup lately.”

Seems like everyone I know who normally loves painting their face is currently primarily sticking to sunscreen and a smile these days, and that includes yours truly.

I’m sitting here writing this post completely bare-faced, and ya know what? I’m cool with it, even though not wearing a lot of makeup has made coming up with ideas for Makeup and Beauty Blog posts…more challenging. (Side note: MBB turns 14 years old this February! OMG!)

The last full face of makeup I wore was about a week ago. It was a 15-minute variation of this matte brown eye look with coral-pink cheeks (MAC Warm Soul Blush) and lips (Honest Beauty Happiness Liquid Lipstick).

I also busted out a long-time foundation favorite of mine that I haven’t used in a while, MAC Face and Body, a.k.a.

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