Brand Spotlight: Bossy Cosmetics

Brand Spotlight: Bossy Cosmetics

Bossy Cosmetics is a new cruelty-free Black-owned indie makeup line of lip products that caters to all skin tones. I’m a fan, especially of the lipgloss!

Do you know the Kelis tune, “I’m Bossy?” It’s practically my theme song, ha ha ha!

If you’ve ever been called bossy by your friends and family, you’ll probably get a kick out of this.

Hues for bossy gals of all shades

Bossy Cosmetics cruelty-free, vegan line of lip products launched in 2019, so they’re pretty new. The founder, Aisha, is a mom of three and a self-proclaimed “lipstick junkie” who worked in investment banking before starting the brand with the intent to 1) help women feel beautiful, and 2) pay it forward, as part of the proceeds go toward charities that support women and girls.

Inclusivity is one of their main pillars, so you’ll find colors for all skin tones and ethnicities.

Prices range from $16.99 for a liquid lipstick, to $13.99 for a lip liner, to $14.99 for a gloss, and $18.99 for a lip/eye/cheek glitter, so they’re pricier than Revlon or Neutrogena, but slightly less than MAC.

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