9 Reasons to Love Berets

9 Reasons to Love Berets

1. They camouflage cray-cray hair

A beret instantly hides unruly baby hair so you don’t walk around looking like a mad scientists who hasn’t slept in days.

Added bonus: If the thought of brushing your mane sounds exhausting, a beret is your best friend! Just tuck those unruly strands underneath a chic beret.

2. They make great pop songs

Prince wrote a song about a raspberry beret found at a secondhand store. Can you imagine Raspberry Beret being something like Raspberry Bucket Hat or Raspberry Newsboy Cap or Raspberry Beanie? I don’t think so!

I would totally wear that cloud suit.

3. Cats love them!

Whether they’re wearing them, sleeping on them or attempting to tear them apart with their claws (ahem, *Rosie*), cats certainly love berets.

4. Berets effortlessly work with your favorite bold lip

Berets and bold lips are purrfection. This one is Chanel Eclosion, by the way, from the Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

5. No ears required!

Unlike earrings, glasses or a face mask, berets doesn’t rely on your ears for support (really, our ears are doing so much these days), so rejoice in your ear freedom as you jauntily place a beret atop your head.

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